Saturday, March 17, 2012

Red Gate Reflector v7.5.2.1

Red Gate Reflector v7.5.2.1


Red Gate Reflector v7.5.2.1 | 10.4 Mb

Debug third part-party code, even if you don't have the source. NET Reflector Pro provides the latest version of .NET Reflector, plus a Visual Studio cast up-in containing the Pro features .NET Reflector Pro integrates .NET Reflector into Visual Studio to permit you to seamlessly debug into third part-party code and assemblies, even granting that you don't have the spring code for them. For example, you may be obliged a project that contains a third part-party assembly, but you cannot step into it for the cause that you do not have the source code, symbols, or PDB file. After you be in possession of installed .NET Reflector Pro, you be able to use the Visual Studio add-in to rare and decompile the assembly that you are selfish in.

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